Visiting the Doctor in Spain

In Spain you get primary health care by a general doctor (médico de cabecera) through a health centre (centro de salud, centro de asistencia primaria or CAP). Before you can see a doctor in Spain CfM Assistance will help you to register.

The health centre will probably have around six doctors and you may not see the same one each time you visit, although in some centres you can book to see the same doctor, particularly if you are in ongoing treatment.

You will be given a leaflet called Carta de Derechos y Deberes (Charter of Rights and Obligations) that sets out your rights as a patient.

Care for Me can make an appointment for you to see a doctor at a health or at a doctors with an individual practice may. You have the right to be accompanied by a Care for Me assistant who will take notes and translate for you during consultations. You can change doctors easily, just by re-registering.

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