Home care provides the security of knowing your loved one is not alone. The Certified Nurses or Care Assistants will perform services throughout the day and are available to assist through the night so you can rest easily.

Care for Me is registered and licensed to provide nursing services by the Spanish Sanitary Authority. 

The Nurse Manager will conduct an initial evaluation prior to the start of service to ensure quality of care and then set up a medical plan-of-treatment for the family, client and any additional caregivers to follow.


Care for Me Assistance is the only unique service in Andalucía designed to address the language-barrier that exists for patients in hospitals and clinics. Our service removes the stress related to navigating the healthcare system and ensures that you receive the best treatment available.

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We Provide Affordable and Effective Consulting Solutions to our Clients!

On Air

Listen to our latest radio interview on Talk Radio Europe. Giles Brown interviews Mark Davis from Care for Me who explains some of the healthcare services provided by the company.


If you would like to make an enquiry or to book a free confidential consultation, please do not hesitate to contact our friendly team using the details below.


T: 0034 952 636 900

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M: 0034 682 870 120



What Our Client Says

Everyone loves positive feedback. We are no exception Fortunately there’s no lack of positive comments from our consulting clients. Here’s a Sample of Comments from our Clients

Marie Louise Schönburg
Marie Louise Schönburg
Estoy muy contenta con Care for me han ayudado mucho a mi y a mi Marido gracias ! Thank you so much for helping us and that you looked so well after us ! Marie-Louise Condesa Schönburg
Gerd Philipps
Gerd Philipps
I was desperate to find on the Costa del Sol a truly professional nurse service for my mother. It was an upsetting surprise to see a high quality medical treatment through Seguridad Social fall into a "nursing and care desert" after the purely medical measures. All our attempts to get help from the Spanish governmental side were useless, as their administrative cycles needs years to come to a decision and the allowance for nursing hours are totally insufficient. Believe it or not, you will get world class surgery and medication, but you will be left alone if you need 24/7 care. Other private companies offered us from "hire two minimum wage employees" to "hire two minimum wage employees and a freelance nurse" up to "we cannot explain our high-price service". Only Junaly from Care For Me acted as a professional service provider from the very first moment. Right on the first encounter she analyzed our situation and created a purpose driven mix of experienced nurses and rental of medical equipment. To care for a person requires knowhow and techniques we average citizens won´t have. It was impressive to see how much technical knowhow was applied in physical, psychological, nutritional and pharmaceutical areas. Through month, there was not a single day, where Junaly wouldn´t be checking on her patient and her staff. We could not only see her 25+ years of international experience but we were especially impressed by how she managed to create a personal relationship with and a private environment for her patient. We would have expected "only" good nursing care but we were astonished how important it is to Junaly and her staff to give the patient the feeling that it´s about them, the patients are the most important person, and their dignity, their way of living, their tastes and preferences and their life achievements will be respected and honoured till the last breath and beyond. Care for Me has sound processes and follows written protocols that reflect yearlong experience. They liaise with the local physicians and with medical staff from the Seguridad Social. With Care For Me you have devoted people taking care in a holistic 360° approach.
Tony G
Tony G
Wonderfull service for a very difficult situation always on time and on call would recommend to anyone. Fully Qualified and capable.
Tina Marchant
Tina Marchant
Janaly has rescued me from months of trying with our local clinic & private hospital has organized everything & has made me feel so much better at last & am not waiting in permanant pain . THANK YOU SO MUCH
Anne Smith
Anne Smith
She anticipates my every need before I know it.
janey yehia
janey yehia
I can highly recommend Junaly & her team for their competence, compassion & sense of duty. Palliative care was run with ease inter changing her staff & the level of care was second to none to ensure my husband had every comfort. I could not have asked for nicer people to look after my husband. With heartfelt thanks..
Nergis Singh
Nergis Singh
Excellent support service from Junaly and her team.
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