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Care For Your Loved Ones and Peace of Mind For You

Do you have a loved one in Spain that needs extra assistance but you physically can’t be there for them right now? The Care for Me nurses can. Our home and live-in services mean your loved ones can get the personalised care they need, with complete peace of mind for you knowing they are recieving the best care possible in the comfort of their own home. We know that many patients, even those with complex or complicated medical diagnoses or treatment needs feel more comfortable in their own homes and place great value in staying there and remaining as independent as possible. Our live-in and home care services allow them to do just that. With only fully trained, certified, bil-lingual nurses, we let your loved ones live their life exactly the way they want to, with the additional support they need.

Home Services Offered

Our nurses and carers are trained and experienced in offering a complete range of medical assistance. From pre- and post-surgery needs, long-term medical care, dementia care, oncology, cardiology, and more, the nurses and patient support carers at Care for Me can create and carry out a comprehensive care plan based on you and your loved one’s exact needs. Your input, your loved one’s doctor or other specialist’s advice, and you and your loved one’s personal preferences will always be a part of it, so you know the care recieved by our nurses meets both the personal and medical needs of both you and your loved one.
We begin with an initial meeting with one of our nurse managers who will speak with you and meet with your loved one to create a comprehensive plan that will give your loved one the care that they need, always based on their needs. We can also arrange to include your GP in this meeting, so they can help create the best care plan possible. And, if your loved one is currently in hospital, this initial meeting can easily be done before they are discharged so your loved one can return home with a plan in place that ensures their complete care from day one.

Only after this initial meeting will you or your loved one need to decide if Care for Me Home Services is right for you. If it is, we will arrange a start date based on your’s and the patient’s needs, introduce you and your loved one to their in-home nurse, and thoroughly go through every detail of your care plan until you are both completely at ease. We are always here to make our patients and their families comfortable, so please ask any questions or express any concerns you may have at any time.

Customised Care From Quality Nurses

All the nurses at Care for Me are fully licensed, registered and insured in Spain. They are also all bi-lingual, offering guidance and support in both English and Spanish, providing translation when needed, and help navigate the Spanish medical system, fill prescriptions, file paperwork, make appointments, and more.

Based on your preferences and your loved one’s needs, our live-in and in-home nurses and carers are able to provide care for patients with a wide range of illnesses and medical issues, including personalised care for patients with dementia or Alzheimer’s, companion care, and respite care services. Following your personalised comprehensive care plan, Care for Me nurses can follow a doctor’s medical or treatment plan and report back to them for follow-up as needed, can monitor your loved one’s condition and make changes or offer advice as needed, perform infusion therapy (Ivs), insert and care for catheters, provide tube feeding and trach care, dress wounds, assist with getting in and out of bed (including hoist), help with toileting, bathing and other personal hygiene, and more. Our nurses are trained and experienced to offer care and support that meets the needs of any patient, be it for short-term or long-term care, simple or complex issues.

We also understand that medical conditions can change, often quickly, and care plans must change accordingly. Our nurses are fully trained and experienced in a complete range of care services so no matter what the condition or how it changes over the course of care, your loved one can continue to recieve the best care possible in the comfort and safety of their home.

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