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Living, working and retiring in Andalucía comes with plenty of benefits: year-round sunshine, incredible food, thriving culture, rich history, friendly people and a relaxed, easy-going lifestyle that actually gives those lucky enough to call this incredible region of Spain ‘home’ the highest life expectancy rate of anywhere else in Europe. The Spanish healthcare system is phenomenal too, ranking 7th best in the world by the World Health Organization, offering universal coverage and a constitutionally-guaranteed right to treatment with no out of pocket expenses (except for prescription medications) for all residents. If you live here and receive Spanish national healthcare, why wouldn’t you do everything you can to take full advantage of it and keep your health in pristine condition?

The Best Medical Concierge Service in Spain

Unique in it’s design, the Care For Me Assistance programme works in conjunction with the Spanish national healthcare system to offer a personalised service that many expats seek from private medical insurance but without unnecessary costs. For Costa del Sol residents that qualify for free Spanish national healthcare, be they EU or Non-EU citizens, Care For Me gives you a personal healthcare secretary, translator and advisor to offer assistance in enrolling in, navigating and benefiting from the Spanish healthcare system to help you relieve stress, make informed decisions and even cut the cost of your needed medications, all at a fraction of the cost of private healthcare services.

No More Fighting Spanish Bureaucracy

Although medical treatment within the Spanish national healthcare system is advanced and reliable, ask anyone and you’ll quickly learn that Spanish bureaucracy is a well-known barrier to getting the fast answers or prompt treatment you seek. That’s when your Care For Me personal health secretary can help: Registering you for national healthcare, making GP appointments (and reminding you about them, when needed), requesting follow-ups, handling appointment cancellations or changes on your behalf, and general administrative assistance that cuts through the red tape that Spain is infamous for and takes the stress and anxiety out of seeking medical help from health centres, doctors or hospitals, no matter when or where you need to see them. We can even help you understand how to take full advantage of the Spanish subsidised medications scheme, potentially cutting the cost of your medications by up to 80%!

No More Language Barriers

All the Care For Me team speak fluent Spanish and English so they are well-equipped to easily work with you and your Spanish doctors, nurses and administrators, giving you full peace of mind that there will never be anything lost in translation when it comes to your health. With Care For Me Assistance, we speak with you before appointments to discuss and thoroughly translate your medical history, questions and concerns so you and your doctor have everything you need to get you the best and most effective treatment needed. We also accompany you to medical appointments to assist with on-site translations so you don’t have to request follow-up appointments for mere answers to unanticipated questions or concerns, and will work with you after your appointment to interpret and discuss any documents, test results, or other paperwork you’ve been given so you fully understand your diagnosis and treatment, including your options, rights and responsibilities. Because we know that even if you’re confident in your Spanish-speaking abilities, medical terminology -especially when under the added stress of dealing with an illness, can be confusing.

No More Second-Guessing Yourself

From minor injuries to major illnesses, having a firm understanding of your medical diagnosis, treatment, and options is an important and empowering part of recovery. With Care For Me Assistance, you also receive a personal healthcare advisor: a trained medical professional who gets to know you, your wants and needs so that they can expertly help you take full advantage of your doctor’s treatment plan, explain your options, and offer additional medical information personalised to your situation to help you make a fully-informed decision about your health, no matter how big or how small it is.

Not Just For Yourself

Don’t live in Spain but have a loved one who does? Why not give them the gift of great health by enrolling them in Care For Me Assistance? You’ll both have complete peace of mind knowing that they’ll get world-class medical treatment without any of the added stress that can come with living in a foreign country, and all at a fraction of private healthcare costs. Care For Me Assistance offers the same personalised service at the same cost no matter your age, medical history, or pre-existing conditions too, so it’s an ideal way to make sure all your loved ones are looked after when you can’t physically be there with them here in Spain.

Care For Me Cares For You – and your loved ones. Learn more about Care For Me Assistance, including how to enroll, by visiting our website at

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