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CfM Assistance: Health Coordinator

Care for Me Assistance is the only unique service in Andalucía designed to address the language-barrier that exists for patients in hospitals and clinics. Regardless of age, current medical condition or past medical history, our service removes the stress related to navigating the healthcare system, ensures that you receive the best treatment available.

«We help you and your loved ones navigate your way to good health.»

Summary of Services

CfM Assistance provide you with your own personal health secretary, translator and health advisor, no matter how minor or major your health condition is. We document and relay valuable information to you in situations where you or your family member may not understand their diagnosis, have questions about their preparation, medical procedure and/or aftercare.

  • We can help you choose your Doctor/GP and book your appointments. We also contact you to remind you of your next appointment, when requested or necessary.
  • We will contact you before your Doctor/GP appointments to find out your medical history and health needs, along with addressing any concerns or questions.
  • We accompany you to your appointments and provide translation between you and your Doctor/GP, ensuring you receive the correct treatment and that you fully understand your health situation.
  • You can contact us when you have medical queries and we can give you informations, explain your options so you know your health situation and achieve the best result.
  • CfM Assistance is available to clients who use private doctors, private health insurance and/or public healthcare system.
  • CfM Assistance empowers you to make informed decisions on how to improve your overall health.


Spanish residents (EU or non-EU nationals) and EU citizens are eligible to avail of the excellent Spanish Healthcare System. If you are, this is what we can do for you:

  • We help you with guidance and support with medical related processing such as Spanish Healthcare System application for you and your family.
  • We can advise you on how to avail of the subsidised Government medication scheme saving up to 80% on your medication costs.
Health coordinator


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T: 0034 952 636 900

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M: 0034 682 870 120



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